Understanding Humans

The biological purpose of the conscious mind

Illustration of an eye.

Among the tall brown grasses of late summer, in the long pink light of a fading sun, my friend said, “I finally saw your TEDx talk. I want to tell you that it’s bullshit. You know me, I got to be truthful.”

We had been hiking in what I thought…

Understanding Humans

How I learned to understand everyone, whatever the crazy stuff that they do

An oak tree next to a bench.

A divorcing couple sat in my office. Four years before, on a fateful night, on their eighth wedding anniversary, an oak tree fell in front of their car. The husband stepped out into the rain. He stepped into a puddle. His body convulsed. He fell to the ground.

He had…

Understanding Humans

What is the purpose of joy and suffering?

Woman merges with tree roots in art.

“I’m not going to hand over my kid. You don’t even know him!” Her tears fall onto my office couch.

He responds, “Fuck you, Alyssa! He’s my kid too. And you are the reason I don’t know him.” He pauses, looks away. “Still a bitch.”

I’m supposed to help this…

Understanding Humans

Who’s running this joint anyway?

It was late winter. A blustery morning. I was mountain biking. Raindrops pattered high branches. But below the canopy, the world was still dry. A sudden wind bent the redwoods. And then I saw it. To my left. Now behind me. I skidded to a stop.

I was surprised I…

(but we could Go Down Loving)

Last Saturday my wife and I went to Trader Joes. We arrived twenty minutes before opening and were 30th in line. Everyone was spaced outside the store in six-foot gaps. Within ten minutes 50 people lined the street behind us. We strategized:

Split up. Get meat, we are low on…

Larry C. Rosen

Helping people understand people. TEDx speaker on what makes humans go. Internationally-regarded expert on motivation and peacemaking. UnderstandingHumans.org

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